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Chris MiljanovskiAug 5, 2020 3:58:07 PM2 min read

Millennial Debt: How collections software can simplify recovery efforts in this recession

It's been a common theme to refer to millennials as the lazy, entitled generation. If you ...
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LexopJul 14, 2020 9:52:00 AM3 min read

Older adults going digital: Helping them pay overdue accounts using modern tech

It's inevitable, but as we age, we start feeling a bit left behind and stop keeping up ...
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Chris MiljanovskiJun 30, 2020 1:58:25 PM3 min read

Collecting past-due payments in a post-COVID-19 world: Does it need a makeover?

2020 began like any other year. Customers still had past-due accounts, and life was ...
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LexopJun 8, 2020 3:18:24 PM3 min read

What #StayAtHome means for past-due payments

Among the many ways the current crisis is altering Canadian lives, one rapid shift that’s ...
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LexopMay 29, 2020 1:40:22 PM2 min read

Retain customers with a better collection strategy

Past-due customer satisfaction matters. Why? Because unhappy customers don’t remain ...
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LexopMay 21, 2020 2:53:40 PM3 min read

Past-due payment methods: What customers want and why it matters

Recently, we posted an article about past-due customers and email communications. In it, ...
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LexopMay 14, 2020 1:36:14 PM3 min read

Email notifications for collections: Accessible, convenient, and preferred by Canadians

In the first quarter of 2020, we reached out to more than 2,200 Canadians to determine ...
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LexopApr 16, 2020 11:46:41 AM1 min read

Lexop and COVID-19: Supporting our customers through it all

Recent weeks have posed unprecedented challenges for people and companies around the ...
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Victor LiMar 12, 2020 3:33:05 PM6 min read

Collections: The blind spot that fractures your customer journey

Customer-centric collections is essential to create a seamless and cohesive customer ...
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