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Mastering Empathetic Communication: Leveraging Technology & Anticipating Future Trends

Bridge the gap between empathy and technology for a stronger credit union future.



 In a financial landscape where member preferences shift and technology is modernizing outdated approaches, mastering empathetic communication across multiple channels is no longer optional—it's necessary to build trust among members and improve recovery rates. 

Through credit union-focused case studies, we'll provide insights to enhance your past-due member experience and collections approach. Join us as we explore personalized communication, convenience, and technology to improve your collections strategy and member satisfaction. Bridge the gap between empathy and technology for a stronger credit union future.

Key Learning Outcomes:

  • Adapting to Evolving Member Preferences: Learn about shifting member preferences and how to implement an adaptive communication approach aligned with changing expectations.
  • Striking the Empathy-Efficiency Balance: Explore strategies to increase collection performance objectives while strengthening member relationships.
  • Enhancing Credit Union Operations: Learn how to maximize digital channels to provide a user-friendly past-due experience while simultaneously reducing operational costs and streamlining back-end processes.
  • Envisioning Tomorrow's Member Experience: Peer into the future with emerging technologies. Consider the pros and cons, and the impact on the member experience and collection operations.

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Michael P

Michael Pupil

Vice President, Sales at Lexop

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