Service providers

Recover past-due accounts, keep your customers' services intact

Lexop | Service providers

Provide your customers with an easy way to pay their past-due bills online

Service providers handling hundreds of delinquent accounts per month may feel overwhelmed with managing so many past-due accounts using traditional contact methods like phone calls or letters. They may fall behind on collecting past-due amounts, leading to tough decisions about cutting off services.

Help your customers stay on top of their past-due bills by offering flexible payment options and an easy way to pay online to enhance the customer experience.

Lexop | Recover past-due accounts

How service providers can benefit from Lexop

Flexible payment options

Give your customers what they want. They prefer flexible, digital payment options to settle their past-due accounts. Set their mind at ease by allowing them to pay over time with a payment arrangement.

Lexop | Flexible Payment Options

Keep your customers’ services intact

Don’t let it get to the point where your customers have to have their services disconnected. Automate communication with multiple, personalized digital payment notices to remind them their accounts are past-due and what their options are to pay.

Lexop | Best Customer Experience

Ensure your customers know you care

Provide your customers with a great experience, even when they are past-due on their bills. Automated emails with personalized messaging unique to each customer help them on their payment journey.

Access to a secure online past-due payment portal to make a minimum payment or arrangement allows for a seamless experience that puts past-due customer needs first.

Lexop | Personalization

Build trust with your customers to help them remain your customers

See how Lexop’s collection software delivers a superior customer experience that drives engagement, results, and ultimately retention.