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Revolutionize how your credit union manages late payments by streamlining the end-to-end collection process. 


Our Digital Collections Platform


Automate payment reminders in members' preferred digital channels to achieve operational cost savings and enhanced efficiency.


Engage with empathic communication for a better member experience, improved satisfaction, and higher repayment rates.


Collect more late payments by allowing members to make payments through an integrated self-service payment portal.


Analyze real-time data and get insights into campaign engagement, daily payment activity, and member preferences.

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Who Uses Lexop's Digital Collection Software?

  • Credit Unions
  • Financial Institutions
  • Enterprise

Put Your Members First in the Collection Experience

Credit unions choose Lexop because we prioritize their members' well-being throughout the collections experience. Our technology empowers members with flexible solutions and supportive communication, even when they're facing financial challenges. By choosing Lexop, credit unions create a win-win situation, improving collections efficiency and building strong connections with their members based on empathy and care. With Lexop you can:

  • Support your members and improve satisfaction
  • Modernize communication with digital contact methods
  • Collect efficiently by reducing manual tasks
  • Understand member behavior with real-time data analytics

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Scale Your Collection Process and Improve Your Bottom Line

Financial institutions trust Lexop to deliver cost-effective account recovery solutions. Our platform equips collection teams with the tools necessary to proactively handle delinquent accounts, reduce losses, and optimize collections performance. This dual focus ensures the financial well-being of both the lender and its valued customers. With Lexop you can: 

  • Reduce loan servicing costs
  • Decrease operational costs
  • Provide a positive customer experience
  • Stay compliant with built-in audit trails

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Streamline Contact Center Collection Processes

Organizations choose Lexop to transform their collection strategies. Lexop enables debtors to offer self-service options, reduce the reliance on call centers, and foster a more personalized, user-friendly experience for their customers. Our software allows companies to strike a perfect balance between cost efficiency and enhanced customer satisfaction, making it the go-to choice for businesses aiming to elevate their collections approach. With Lexop you can: 

  • Reduce call center volume
  • Increase self-cure rates
  • Decrease operational costs
  • Provide a positive customer experience

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Our User Satisfaction Rates

95% Collections Effectiveness
96% Ease of Use
98% Personalized Customer Messaging
95% Scalability

Why Choose Lexop?

  • Save time and operational expenses by reducing manual tasks to boost efficiency
  • Get paid faster by delivering an easy, frictionless payment experience
  • Take the guesswork out with collections performance and behavior analytics
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“Lexop allows us to quickly and effectively collect outstanding debts due to oversight or outdated payment information. What I enjoy the most is being able to reach a vast quantity of client segments through dynamic campaigns quickly. The client engagement statistics are in real-time. Based on the data, I can adjust risk strategies."
- Collections Analyst

Invest in Your Collections Success

Improve your contact rates, payment recovery, and past-due member experience with Lexop.
Work Smarter

Generate time-saving automated workflows that can scale with rising delinquencies.

Boost Engagement

Provide personalized communication across your members' preferred digital channels.

Higher Repayment Rates
Deliver a convenient, self-serve payment experience that puts the member in control.
Take the Guesswork Out

Make better decisions with real-time campaign insights and reports. 

Modernize Your Collections

Invest in Your Collection Success

Improve your contact rates, payment recovery, and past-due member experience with Lexop.

Work Smarter

Generate time-saving automated workflows that can scale.


Boost Member Relationships

Provide consistent communication in preferred channels.


Higher Repayment Rates

Deliver a convenient, self-serve payment experience.

Take the Guesswork Out

Get real-time data-driven analytics.


Transform Your Past-Due Member Experience

Empower your members with our award-winning collection software.

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