We bring trust to electronic communication.

Lexop is a communication platform that offers real-time tracking and proof of delivery of your important documents.

Set up in minutes. No credit card required.

Click send.
Lexop delivers.

Stay in control

From the moment you click send, you can track when your recipients have received, opened, and accessed your documents.

Be more efficient

Prove the delivery of your documents at a fraction of the cost of bailiff, registered mail, or courier.

Have peace of mind

No matter your jurisdiction, Lexop provides legal and verifiable evidence and ensures that you are compliant.

Amazing companies of all sizes trust Lexop


Powerful tools built for industries that rely on proof.

Legal industry

Legal Practice

Secure e-service of legal documents with compliant proof of delivery.

Real Estate

Send notices to tenants via email and get a proof of delivery.

Debt Collection

Send notices, demand letters, and collect payments instantly.