Digital Collections, Humane Approach

Our software helps companies retain past-due customers by facilitating payment and empowering them to self-serve. It’s quick to implement, easy to use, and scales to fit your needs. 

Lexop | Digital Collections, Humane Approach

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Empower your past-due customers, one payment at a time

We're helping companies automate the recovery of past-due accounts in a faster, better, and cost-efficient way.

Lexop | Reach



Reach 1000s of past-due customers with personalized emails that link to a self-service payment portal.


Lexop | Collect



By using our intuitive and secure self-service portal, past-due customers can pay their owed amounts online or make a flexible arrangement without agent intervention.


Lexop | Analyze



With actionable analytics, improve your collection strategy and gain insights on past-due customer behavior.


Intuitive software for both your business and its past-due customers

With an intuitive platform for your business to start campaigns and track their progress, along with an easy-to-use payment portal for your past-due customers to pay and make payment arrangements, it’s never been easier to recover accounts in a flexible, humane way.

Lexop | Focused results

Focused on results

Our solution has helped our clients optimize the recovery process by providing a high converting payment experience for their past-due customers.

2M+ self-cured past-due customers
7X average return on investment
10% reduction in OPEX

What can Lexop do for your business?

We live in a digital world, so why are collection procedures still utilizing traditional contact methods? Phone calls to past-due customers are time-consuming, can be predatory, and are often unsympathetic. Traditional contact methods also don't get the results they once did.

Lexop believes the future of collections lies in digital communication and payments. By adapting the collection process to align with modern habits, past-due customers can enjoy the freedom of making payments and flexible arrangements on their terms, therefore removing any friction.

Our software also allows you to gain essential insights on your past-due customers with real-time analytics, which can be vital to optimizing your collection strategy.

Lexop | What can Lexop do for your business?
Lexop | Antoinette Noviello, VP and Corporate Controller at Videotron
"With Lexop, we've seen a 27% increase in self-cure rate in less than 6 months."

Antoinette Noviello  |  VP and Corporate Controller

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See how Lexop’s collection software delivers a superior past-due customer experience that drives engagement, results, and ultimately retention.