Important documents shouldn’t be shared the regular way

Lexop’s Certified Email is an innovative and easy way for businesses
to replace fax, bailiffs, and registered mail.

Small business to large enterprise.
Across multiple industries.

Certified Emails & Secure File Sharing

Check out our core features

Certified Email

Send legally valid registered emails and get an instant proof of delivery.

Use Case Examples

Large File Sharing

Share large files securely without worrying about size restrictions.

Use Case Examples

Real-Time Tracking

Visualize in real-time the status of your emails and file transfers.

Use Case Examples

Recipient Reply-To

Your recipients can reply to you directly with files of any size.

Use Case Examples

Easy Process


Choose your industry

Create your account in a matter of seconds and select your specific industry: Legal, Real Estate, Financial Institution, Health, Retail, or Other.

Create & Share

Start a new Certified Email or File Sharing with our friendly user creation tools (via Online Dashboard or Outlook Add-in).


Sit back, relax, and get notified by email or SMS every time someone interacts with your certified email or file sharing.

Find out why our customers love using Lexop

“Lexop is a simple and efficient notification solution that answers well our needs. It integrates seamlessly with Outlook and requires almost no learning period.”

Nicolas PlourdeSarrazin Plourde LLP

“Using Lexop as part of our file transfer platforms, has increased our efficiency and productivity, by allowing us to use the existing workflows without modifying our users work experience. It’s simple and intuitive interface meant we didn’t need to do an extensive change management. The Lexop team was responsive and proactive in meeting all our needs.”

Giovanni PizzoferratoMajor Canadian Bank

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