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lexop for credit unions


Empower your past-due members, one payment at a time.

At Lexop, we understand that an exceptional member experience is vital for your Credit Union's success. Managing collections can be complex, testing the delicate balance between member satisfaction and business performance. That’s where we come in. Through the power of technology, Lexop converts collections into an efficient, member-focused tool that propels both financial stability and member satisfaction. Our digital collections software streamlines operations, reducing costs and boosting efficiency. At the core of our strategy is member empowerment, giving them the ability to self-cure, while fostering trust and stronger relationships.


The Best Past-Due Member Experience

Elevate your collections process with Lexop's software. We streamline every step, incorporating automated digital reminders, self-service payment options, and data-driven insights. Our solution enhances your contact rates, boosts payment recovery, and transforms the past-due member experience, making it smoother and more efficient.

We can help if you're looking for ways to: 

  • Support your members and improve satisfaction
  • Modernize communication with digital contact methods
  • Get data-driven insights to better understand member behavior
  • Collect efficiently and improve recovery rates
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  • Member Satisfaction and Retention
  • Improved Recovery Rates
  • Automated and Personalized Outreach
  • Self-Service Portal
  • Seamless Payment Processing
  • Analytics and Reporting

Improved Member Experience

By offering a smoother and more efficient past-due member experience, Lexop's software supports credit unions in enhancing member satisfaction. The modernized communication methods and self-service options align with the preferences of today's tech-savvy members, improving overall satisfaction and long-term retention.

Efficient Collections

Lexop's software streamlines the entire collection process, making it more efficient and effective. The platform's automated reminders and personalized outreach contribute to higher contact rates, ultimately boosting payment recovery. With analytics-driven insights, credit unions can fine-tune their collections strategies over time, leading to improved recovery rates.

Improved Engagement

Credit unions choose Lexop's digital collection software for its capability to conduct automated and personalized outreach at scale. Through various digital channels like email and text messages, the platform allows credit unions to tailor member engagement based on factors such as loan type, past-due segments, and account status. This personalized approach significantly improves member engagement, increasing the likelihood of a positive response and enhancing overall satisfaction.

Enhanced Convenience

Lexop's software empowers credit union members with a self-service portal, providing them the convenience to make payments at their own pace. Supporting various payment methods and arrangements, this feature reduces barriers to payment resolution and improves member satisfaction. The user-friendly self-service portal not only contributes to a positive member experience but also plays a key role in fostering higher retention rates.

Collect Efficiently

Lexop's seamless integration with existing finance systems ensures an efficient payment processing experience for credit unions and their members. Supporting diverse payment methods, the platform delivers a hassle-free payment experience, contributing to substantial improvements in the credit union's overall financial performance.

Informed Decision-Making

Lexop's digital collection software provides comprehensive analytics and reporting features, eliminating guesswork from collections strategies. Credit unions can analyze campaign performance metrics, including delivery rates, open rates, click-through rates, and payment rates. This data-driven approach enables credit unions to make informed decisions, refine communication strategies, and optimize payment options based on member behavior.
  • Payment Arrangements
  • Payment Processing
  • SMS and Email Reminders
  • Lower Cost of Loan Servicing
  • Certified Proof of Delivery
  • White-Labeling
  • Custom Branding: Logos, Colors, Images
  • Employee Resource & Training Center
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • SOC 2 Compliant
  • Simple, Low-Tech Implementation
  • API Integration

Lexop Can Help Your Credit Union:

Improve the past-due member experience

Put your members first in the collection experience with digital reminders and a built-in payment link that ensures a fast, frictionless payment experience. 


Boost your team’s efficiency and free up resources

Make your team more efficient by automating manual collection tasks and reducing human error. By providing members with a self-service payment experience, you can free up agents to prioritize members requiring more attention.


Transform Your Past-Due Member Experience

Empower your members with our award-winning collection software. 


Customer Testimonials

"Our partnership with Lexop is one of many initiatives that we have planned in the coming year to enhance our member experience and communication."
Senior Vice President
"This collaboration will streamline our collections procedure, empowering our members to take charge of their outstanding debts independently. As a result, we anticipate faster debt resolution and a lower delinquency rate.”
Director of Member Solutions
"Lexop allows us to take a data-driven approach and gain valuable insights into member behavior, payment trends, and financial performance. We believe this partnership will enhance the payment experience for our members and contribute to the overall success of the credit union."
Collections Analyst
"Lexop allows us to collect quickly and effectively outstanding debts due to oversight or outdated payment information. It empowers our workforce to focus afterward on members that need assistance and expertise."