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Shaping the Future of Collections with Fraud Prevention, Automation, and Empathetic Communication

On-Demand Webinar

Webinar Overview

Join Lexop for practical insights on improving member connections, optimizing collections, and embracing digital tools. Boost confidence in navigating change, enhance digital engagement through automation, and safeguard against fraud. Explore the future of member solutions with technologies like Machine Learning and AI. Don't miss this opportunity to redefine your approach to member engagement. 

Learning Outcomes:

  • Effectively Implement Automation: Unlock the power of automation within collections, enhancing operational efficiency and streamlining workflows for immediate impact.
  • Optimize Digital Engagement: Unlock the potential of digital mediums such as email, text messaging, and payment portals. Learn how to skillfully use these tools to engage with members and facilitate seamless, user-friendly interactions.
  • Prevent Fraud Strategically: Learn actionable strategies to proactively prevent fraud incidents, creating a secure environment for members amidst the rising fraud landscape at credit unions.
  • Balance Empathy and Efficiency: Explore proven strategies to balance operational efficiency and genuine engagement. Master the art of empathetic communication to foster meaningful connections that resonate with evolving member preferences.
  • Envision the Future of Member Engagement: Peer into the future with emerging technologies like Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Consider the potential pitfalls and opportunities brought forward by these advancements and how they may be used to offer members a bespoke, frictionless experience.

Transform Your Past-Due Member Experience

Empower your members with our award-winning collection software.