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5 characteristics of a top-performing debt collection strategy

Implementing a robust, consumer-oriented debt-collection plan is not as hard as it may seem. Download our ebook to learn five proven best practices to up any organization’s debt-collection game.


What you will learn

Debt collection is far from a one-size-fits-
all process. Buyers have diverse preferences, habits, communication styles, and financial situations. That’s why
they expect - and deserve - personalization in the debt-collection process. 

Modern best practices allow collection agents to do their job more efficiently with a more empathetic approach. These strategies help organizations achieve their debt recovery goals without sacrificing the customer experience. 

5 characteristics of a top-performing debt collection strategy:

  • Digital-first collection strategy
  • Ability to automate and scale
  • Segmentation based on likelihood to self-cure and prioritization
  • Flexible options for past-due customers to tailor payment plans
  • Customer-oriented experience

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