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Minimize interruptions, maximize growth

Lexop | Utilities

Give your past-due customers a simple way to pay their utility bill

The last thing your past-due customers want is their services disconnected. Providing them with easy, flexible ways to pay their late bills not only enhances the past-due customer experience and keeps their services running, but helps your company minimize losses.

Lexop | A simple way to pay utility bills

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How utilities can benefit from Lexop

Flexible payment options

Give your past-due customers what they want. They prefer flexible, digital payment options to settle their accounts. Set their mind at ease by allowing them to pay over time with a flexible payment arrangement.

Lexop | Flexible Payment Options

Reduce service interruptions

Don’t let it get to the point where your past-due customers have to get their services disconnected.

Automate communication with multiple, personalized digital payment notices to remind them their accounts are past-due and what their options are to pay.

Lexop | Personalization

Ensure confidence with legal proof

In situations where you need to disconnect past-due customers, proof of payment notices sent are invaluable. Track emails with a complete audit trail of customer interactions and protect your organization, knowing all communication with your customers is considered legally delivered.

Lexop | Legal Proof

Save your customer's time, and save your company money

See how Lexop’s collection software delivers a superior past-due customer experience that drives engagement, results, and ultimately retention.