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Managing Delinquencies Like a Pro: Expert Tips Across the Loan Lifecycle

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Meet Our Featured Speakers

Shannon Stewart UCC Board Member & Collections Manager at Southland Credit Union
Aaron Dils Senior Vice President of Sales - Financial Services, REPAY
John DeLuccia CPI Sales Specialist, Allied Solutions
Michael Pupil Vice President of Sales, Lexop
Craig Geisler President, Cherrywood Enterprises

Webinar Overview

Join our fireside chat webinar where industry experts from REPAY, Cherrywood Enterprises, Allied Solutions, and Lexop will share invaluable insights on navigating the loan lifecycle. Hosted by Shannon Stewart from Southland CU & United Creditors Connect, this session promises to be an engaging and informative discussion aimed at equipping you with actionable strategies to combat rising delinquencies.

Key Learning Outcomes:

  • Loan Lifecycle Management and CPI Programs: Understand how effective loan lifecycle management, including CPI programs, mitigates risk and protects lenders' interests.
  • Operations Streamlining and Member Experience: Discover competitive solutions to streamline operations, enhance member experience, and manage delinquencies effectively.
  • Payment Optimization: Explore innovative payment technologies and strategies to improve collections efficiency and reduce delinquencies.
  • Digitization of Collection Processes: Discover practical digital tactics to enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and improve member satisfaction throughout the loan lifecycle.
  • Debt Recovery Strategies: Gain insights into effective debt buying strategies, portfolio management techniques, and pricing trends to maximize recovery and minimize losses.

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