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Auto All Star reports a 200% ROI since adopting Lexop

Auto All Star is a leader in the lending space for car rental, providing an alternative financing solution to individuals who don't have access to conventional credit.

Lexop | Auto All Star

Focused on results

Our software solution has helped Auto All Star get the results they wanted to succeed.

17% increase in self-cure rate
30% higher team productivity
$10K saved in registered mail and shipping costs with proof of delivery
Lexop | Focused on results

The problem

Auto All Star had a large number of customers with past-due accounts. They used a single collection strategy consisting of sending registered mails to past-due customers and telephone contact. The workforce needed to contact a large customer base to recover debt was not attainable. With a limited number of agents to handle thousands of customers, several past-due accounts had to be sent to collection agencies, which hurt the customer experience.

The solution

Auto All Star wanted to save money, digitize their collection operations, have payment reminders sent out to their customers fast, and free up their agents to focus on more complex accounts. By automating the recovery process, they looked to Lexop to quickly reach thousands of past-due customers with customized email and SMS reminders and encourage them to make payments online through a dedicated self-service portal.

Why did Auto All Star choose Lexop?

With several past-due customers and outdated contact methods, Auto All Star needed to reach its customers and recover thousands of dollars quickly without compromising the customer experience.

Lexop’s white-label collection software provided Auto All Star with a wide range of features, including personalized digital outreach via email and SMS, and flexible payment options. With these features, they no longer had to spend massive amounts of money on registered mail.

"The Lexop team treats you as a partner, not a customer. Don’t hesitate to entrust them to help recover your customers’ past-due accounts."


Isabelle Gascon
General Manager at Auto All Star

How has Auto All Star benefited from adopting our solution?

Lexop | Elevated customer experience


Elevated customer experience

With flexible online payment options for past-due customers and reminders sent via email or SMS, Auto All Star has managed to enhance the customer experience to align with current repayment preferences.

Lexop | Increased customer contact


Increased customer contact

As a result of the thousands of payment reminders sent via email and SMS, Auto All Star saw a 10% increase in past-due customers contacting them to come up with a plan to settle their debt.

Lexop | Optimized collection resources


Optimized collection resources

With self-cure rates increasing, Auto All Star has saved their agents 25 hours a week from working on accounts that didn’t need special attention, so they could now focus on more complex accounts.

Lexop | Louis Dufour, Business Analyst at Auto All Star


"We didn’t know how valuable SMS customer reminders could be. They allowed us to optimize our campaigns and get the attention of several customers to make payments toward their debt."

Louis Dufour
Business Analyst at Auto All Star

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