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LexopFeb 28, 2024 10:21:44 AM2 min read

How to Strengthen Collections During Core Banking System Updates

As business needs evolve with a greater need for operational efficiency and service ...
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LexopFeb 26, 2024 12:08:08 PM4 min read

How Credit Unions Can Optimize Their Indirect Auto Lending Collection Strategy

Credit unions currently hold the largest share of the total US auto lending market. ...
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LexopFeb 7, 2024 9:59:01 AM2 min read

Say Goodbye to Junk Fees and Hello to Member Empathy

A crucial transformation is on the horizon in the financial sector, particularly for ...
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LexopJan 29, 2024 2:26:22 PM1 min read

Credit Union Struggles: G-19 Report Reveals Credit Card Collection Challenges

The latest G-19 Consumer Credit Report has shed light on an alarming trend in the credit ...
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LexopJan 16, 2024 9:30:00 AM4 min read

6 Debt Collection Industry Trends to Watch for in 2024

The start of a new year is always a chance to reflect and evaluate - a blank slate with ...
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LexopDec 6, 2023 10:24:00 AM4 min read

5 Tips to Navigate and Collect Consumer Debt this Holiday Season

The beginning of holiday shopping is upon us. For many, this festive time of year can be ...
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LexopOct 5, 2023 11:15:01 AM3 min read

3 Ways Credit Union Collection Departments Can Prepare for Student Loan Payments Resuming

After more than three years of an interest-free federal payments pause, the reprieve is ...
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LexopMay 2, 2023 5:02:57 PM3 min read

Credit Union Collection Strategies that Support Past-Due Members

Inflation, interest rate hikes, and rising costs make it more challenging than ever for ...
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Paula MonroyJul 25, 2022 11:09:40 AM2 min read

Transform the past-due customer experience with collection software

Collection software enables companies to recover owed amounts faster and elevate the ...
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Paula MonroyJun 15, 2022 12:30:05 PM4 min read

Before and after: How Lexop improves the past-due CX

Moving towards a customer-centric mindset is fundamental to providing a seamless customer ...
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Paula MonroyMay 2, 2022 1:04:56 PM4 min read

3 things you’re missing out on by not having collections software

Not having embarked on the digital transformation drains resources for no apparent ...
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LexopAug 3, 2021 9:27:12 AM1 min read

Lexop is now SOC 2 Type I certified

Image: AICPA logo copyright Lexop has always been committed to following the highest ...
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