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LexopJan 10, 2024 9:30:00 AM2 min read

Empowering Credit Union Collections: Lexop and Allied Solutions Announce Strategic Partnership

Empowering Credit Union Collections: Lexop and Allied Solutions Announce Strategic Partnership

January 10, 2024 - Lexop Solutions Inc., a leading provider of digital payment and collection solutions, proudly announces its strategic partnership with Allied Solutions. The collaboration represents a committed effort to redefine collection practices, providing credit unions and their valued members with a straightforward, empowering solution for self-curing late bills. 

Together, Lexop and Allied Solutions will enable credit unions to modernize and streamline their operational processes, resulting in improved revenue recovery and member satisfaction. This partnership paves the way for a future of enhanced financial services driven by efficiency and customer-centricity.

With Lexop’s technology, members will benefit from digital reminders and a user-friendly self-serve platform, streamlining the re-payment process and ensuring an empowering past-due experience. Simultaneously, credit unions experience operational efficiency by automating processes, scaling operations, and gaining real-time insights into payment statuses. Lexop's solution creates a win-win scenario, providing members with a hassle-free experience while helping credit unions achieve higher recovery rates, optimize cash flow, and strengthen member relationships.

"We are thrilled to announce Allied Solutions as a strategic partner,” stated Amir Tajkarimi, CEO & Co-Founder of Lexop. “Our partnership opens the door to a world of possibilities for credit unions looking to enhance their collections practices and past-due member experience. Together, we're setting the stage for credit unions to offer their members a modernized and hassle-free approach to self-curing late bills, paving the way for sustainable growth and success."

"Allied Solutions is excited to join forces with Lexop in revolutionizing the landscape of digital payments and collections. As financial institutions navigate the challenges of rising delinquencies, we remain committed to delivering innovative tools and strategies that optimize revenue recovery and prioritize the consumer experience,” shared Anne Holtzman, SVP, Risk Management at Allied Solutions.

As delinquencies continue to rise, Lexop will reshape the digital payments and collections landscape by providing credit unions with the essential tools, strategies, and insights needed to optimize revenue recovery while ensuring member satisfaction. For more information about Lexop’s collections software, please visit

About Lexop

Lexop is a leading digital payment and collection software solution that empowers members to self-cure their late bills. With advanced automation capabilities, data analytics, and an intuitive payment portal, we streamline the entire collection process, making it more efficient and cost-effective than traditional methods. Lexop is on an exciting journey to revolutionize the collection experience for credit unions and their members by offering a user-friendly solution to improve contact rates, payment recovery, and member satisfaction. Learn how Lexop is empowering members and redefining collections at



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