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On-demand webinar

Past-due in 2021: New expectations in collections

Gain unique insights into our 2021 research results on Canadian’s past-due experiences and preferences.


Learn how to adapt to new
expectations to elevate the past-due customer experience

In 2020, COVID-19 turned millions of Canadians' financial situation upside down. The need for a digital transformation and a re-evaluation of customer service strategies to empathize with and help past-due customers in the recovery process is more important than ever. During the webinar we're:

  • Revealing our 2021 survey results on consumers’ past-due experiences and preferences
  • Discussing what's changed for past-due customers since 2020
  • Uncovering what the new expectations are in 2021 and how to adapt




Amir Tajkarimi

CEO & Co-founder at Lexop

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