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Utility provider customer care in 2021: The new reality

As a result of COVID-19 and increased residential energy consumption, all eyes have been on utility providers. The industry was already ripe for change, so now is the time to embrace new technologies to elevate the customer experience.


What you will learn

The pandemic is forcing many industries to evolve faster than ever, and the utility industry is no exception. To adapt, utility providers must first understand what has changed and then figure out how to respond, starting with how they handle customer care. It is now imperative to adopt new technologies to digitize processes and to keep up with their customers' ever-changing needs. Providing a better experience by personalizing and tailoring each experience is vital in assisting customers, specifically those who are past-due.

This guide will assist you to:

  • Determine what has changed in customer care
  • Learn how to respond to those changes
  • Learn how to respond to those changes with collection software

Stay informed!