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KPIs to look for in collection software

Collection software is becoming the go-to solution to recover past-due accounts from customers, but which KPIs should your company look for when choosing software? This ebook uncovers which KPIs to look for in collection software and why they’re essential.


What you will learn

The collection industry has been undergoing a digital transformation over the past few years due to shifting customer repayment preferences.

As a result, collection software will play an integral role in recovery efforts. There are crucial key performance indicators your company should be thinking about when incorporating software to assist in recovery efforts.

Lexop’s guide uncovers crucial KPIs to look for when choosing collection software that includes:

  • Software procurement KPIs
  • Past-due customer digital outreach KPIs
  • Past-due customer payment KPIs
  • Integrated software outcome KPIs

Stay informed!