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Collection software: buy vs. build

To buy or to build is an age-old dilemma that continues to haunt us to this day. In collections, insourcing is often not the most strategic solution because of all the associated costs and risks. Embark with us on a discussion to sort out this predicament in this ebook.


What you will learn

Problems with outdated procedures arise in companies almost every day. When there are issues that need to be solved, new software can play an integral part, but incorporating new technologies can quickly involve several moving parts and become more complex than desired.

If your company is wondering whether to buy or build new collections software, this guide can serve as a checklist to help you decide the best solution.

In this ebook, we discuss the following topics:

  • Three key factors that should guide you
  • The risks of buying
  • The risks of building
  • Three crucial benefits to seek when acquiring collection software

Stay informed!