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Seamless integrations

Use your Clio account to login to Lexop and access all of your cases and files. 2 solutions, 1 login. Learn more

Our Outlook plugin allows you to access all of Lexop’s features trough your preferred email tool.

CCIJ trusts Lexop when exchanging sensitive files during international war crime proceedings.

Amanda Ghahremani, Legal Director

Hosting & Security

Cloud hosting

Lexop hosts all of your content for you so that you never have to worry about backups and data loss. Everything is hosted in Canadian datacenters.

Security & encryption

All Lexop transmissions and communications go through a secure HTTPS tunnel, AES 256 encryption, and SSL Certificate.

Data ownership

You are the owner of all your data. You can archive and delete it at any time.

High availability

Law firms deal with important and often critical matters every day. That’s why Lexop offers a reliable and highly available (uptime) platform.

Instant updates

New features and updates are pushed regularly at night or during weekends in order to offer you the most comprehensive and innovative platform.