In-house collection  software

Lexop gives you everything you need to reach, incentivize, and collect from past-due customers.



Customer outreach and engagement

Scale meets personalization

Send thousands of payment notices in mere seconds and in a personalized way via digital channels such as email and SMS. Moreover, monitor, track and analyze all customer interactions in real-time, and prove the delivery of your communications with legally verifiable proof.


Self-service recovery portal

Payments on autopilot


Payment portal

At the click of a button, your customers have round-the-clock access to Lexop’s intuitive payment portal.

Payment methods

Increase optionality by giving your customers the freedom to pay by credit card, debit, bank transfer, eWallet, and more.

Payment agreements

Increase your customers’ autonomy by allowing them to conclude 100% automated pre-authorized payment agreements.


Adopt a data driven approach

Reach. Learn. Optimize.

With behavioural data and analytics, you will be able to identify optimal communication templates, pinpoint best time and channel to reach customers, and derive their likelihood of payment.


Additional perks


Brand consistency

Present a unified front in your recovery campaigns, with everything from the first email to the final receipt designed to feel like an extension of your brand.


Data integration

Lexop integrates seamlessly with your enterprise resource planning (ERP) software for easy import and conciliation of all customer data.


Data ownership & access

Your company retains full ownership of its data and you will always be able to access it online and to easily import and export it in any number of commonly-used formats.


Customer support

Benefit from unlimited access to Lexop's support team. With a 99% customer satisfaction rating, we’re standing by to help you.



All your data is hosted in SSAE 16 compliant and SOC2 Type 2 certified data-centers,  256-bit SSL-AES encryption. Geo-redundancy, timely backups and fail-over protections ensure the availability of our platform under the industry’s strictest SLAs.