Efficient communication platform and payment processing for debt collection

Real-time and efficient way to reach debtors, deliver default notices via email, and collect payment instantly.

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Serve default notices

Electronic delivery of default notices to debtors is now possible with Lexop’s Certified Email feature. You’ll no longer need to use registered mail, bailiffs, process servers, or couriers. Certified Email provides proof that your debtors have received your email and its contents. Lexop provides proof, productivity, and peace of mind.

Real-time tracking

Track and manage all your transmissions by visualizing their status in real-time. You’ll know exactly when your debtors have received, opened, and downloaded your email and its content.

Legal proof

As soon as you send a default notice via Certified Email, Lexop instantly generates a Proof Report which contains a detailed audit trail of the transmission. The Proof Report proves delivery by establishing clearly via timestamp and email server confirmation, the exact second your recipient(s) received, opened, and downloaded your email. The Proof Report also contains all the information that is required by civil procedure rules across North America.

That’s not all, Lexop is packed with value added features


Automatic resends and reminders in order to optimize collection campaigns and reduce operation overhead.

Doc collect

Easily collect documents of any type and size without forcing your recipients to go through complex portals.

Payment processing

Standardize and improve debt recovery by allowing your debtors to pay directly through email and without forcing them to connect to a client portal.

Data analysis

Gather intelligence, adjust collection campaigns, and improve efficiency of debt recovery by analyzing debtor behaviour and statistics.

Hosting & Security

Seamless hosting

Lexop hosts all of your content for you so that you never have to worry about backups and data loss. Everything is hosted in Canadian datacenters.

Security & encryption

All Lexop transmissions and communications go through a secure HTTPS tunnel, AES 256 encryption, and SSL Certificate.

Data ownership

You are the owner of all your data. You can archive and delete all your content at any time.

High availability

Law firms deal with important and often critical matters every day. That’s why Lexop offers a reliable and highly available (uptime) platform.

Instant updates

New features and updates are pushed regularly at night or during weekends in order to offer you the most comprehensive and innovative platform.