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People trust paper. Because they can see it, touch it, and control it. That’s why they still resort to fax, registered mail, courier services, and bailiffs. We believe that in today’s world, the same level of trust should apply to electronic communication. This means giving people access to reliable tools that offer the peace of mind they need in order to take the digital leap. Our mission is to offer electronic communications everyone can trust. Lexop is a legal and verifiable email communication platform which allows our customers to save up to 95% of their current costs and be 100 times more efficient.


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We are based in Montreal and launched in 2016. Since then, over a thousand companies have trusted Lexop with their most important communications. This would not have been possible without the incredible culture and team dynamic that reigns within the company. Lexop is known for the world-class customer service that it offers and this stems from a staff that cultivates a positive, empathetic, and energetic environment.

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Our team is made up of inspired, entrepreneurial minds. Members come from backgrounds ranging from banking law to aerospace-engineering, and each one brings something unique to the table.

From left to right: Jean-Olivier Bouchard, Amir Tajkarimi, Michel Jamati

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