About Lexop

People trust paper. Because they can see it, touch it, and control it. That’s why they still resort to fax, registered mail, courier services, and bailiffs.

We believe that in today’s world, the same level of trust should apply to electronic communication. This means giving people access to reliable tools that offer the peace of mind they need in order to take the digital leap. That’s why Lexop was born.

Our online communication platform is tailored for legal, real estate, and debt collection industries. It provides assurance, real-time tracking, and proof of delivery of your important content.

We are based in Montreal and launched our platform in 2016. Since then, we’ve graduated from FounderFuel’s accelerator program, have won many awards, and were nominated as “Most Promising Startup” by NACO (National Angel Capital Organization).

Though Lexop is a growing but small team, the members cultivate a positive, energetic environment. From Monday to Celine Dion Fridays, the team is constantly solving problems and adapting to the new challenges ahead, while having fun together.


JAN 2017

5 million
Pages delivered

FEB 2017

Lexop’s Quebec real estate spin-off called Pronotif
(CORPIQ partnership)

MAR 2017

Les Grands Prix de la Relève d’Affaires

APR 2017

Most promising startup
(Foundation Montreal Inc. grant)

MAY 2017

Best startup pitch in MTL
(Fundica roadshow)

JUL 2017

FounderFuel 2017 Cohort

Meet the leadership team

Our team is made up of inspired, entrepreneurial minds. Members come from backgrounds ranging from banking law to aerospace-engineering, and each one brings something unique to the table.

Amir Tajkarimi



Jean-Olivier Bouchard



Michel Jamati


Join Our Team

Think you’d be a good addition to the team? We’re always looking for motivated, ambitious people to join Lexop. Drop us a line.